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Study reveals $64bn LED-driven opportunity

The 4th edition of Northeast Group’s study finds the global street lighting market evolving at a rapid pace, with new projects, an increasingly competitive vendor landscape, and new applications in development.


Northeast Group LED & smart streetlighting study excerpt
Northeast Group LED & smart streetlighting study excerpt

There are currently 317 million total streetlights in the world. This number will grow to 363 million total streetlights by 2027. The public outdoor lighting market is currently undergoing a period of change where legacy streetlights are being replaced with new and more efficient LED, or solid-state lighting, technology. Taking this new technology a step further, these LED streetlights are also being networked together with communications to become “smart” streetlights. This study analyzes and forecasts the global market for both LED and smart street lighting through 2027.


While there are still challenges to overcome, the rapid growth of LED and smart street lighting is providing clear examples and benefit cases for cities in diverse contexts to follow. Given these
clear advantages, LED and smart streetlights are projected to reach 89% and 29% of the total streetlight market, respectively, by 2027. This will total a $64.2 billion market opportunity over the next decade.

If you are involved in the following areas, then this excerpt report will provide useful insights into lighting infrastructure of cities aiming to become smart cities:


• Governmental departments/regional authorities
• Investment community representatives
• OEMs
• Equipment manufacturers
• Facilities Management/Asset Management
• Service providers
• Network operators
• Systems integrator


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