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The Power of the Platform in Smart Cities

This report discusses the importance of Smart City platforms as a key mechanism for integrating smart technologies, enabling the rapid delivery of new applications, and creating a connected Smart City ecosystem.


PTC White Paper
PTC White Paper

A Smart City platform is one whose purpose is tied to specific systemic environmental, social, and financial outcomes. These platforms, often Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, are evolving rapidly, and their architecture is becoming more sophisticated, but they are still in the early stages of deployments in government organizations.


At a basic level, Smart City platforms are cloud-hosted solutions that connect devices and collect, combine, and manage data from different city domains and service providers to provide a unified view of a city.

This holistic view offers new insights to city departments and/or third parties and provides improved management and control as well as a better understanding of the need for new products and services.


If you are involved in the following areas, then this report would provide useful insights into the challenges behind implementation of smart cities infrastructure:


• Governmental departments/regional authorities
• Policy-makers
• Investment community representatives
• OEMs
• Equipment manufacturers
• Facilities Management/Asset Management
• Service providers
• Network operators
• Systems integrators


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