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Connected Kiosk: The information hubs of smart and connected cities

This white paper from LG-MRI was written by famed digital signage industry consultant and founder of the 16:9 Blog, Dave Haynes.  He explores the role that digital kiosks play as cities begin to leverage connectivity and IoT in the built environment.


Connected Kiosk:  The information hubs of smart and connected cities

In the same way that smartphones have changed the dynamics on how we do things every day, ’screens’ in public spaces are starting to do much the same – designed with multi-use, multi-tenant, extensible architecture that makes a digital sign into something much more powerful and compelling.


Divided into six sections, this paper addresses these questions and more:

  • What makes a kiosk smart?
  • What value do kiosks bring to cities?
  • How are kiosk programs funded?

The report also includes commentary by executives from:

  • Intel (Product Line Manager)
  • AT&T (Director of Innovation and Ecosystems)
  • Intersection (Chief Operating Officer)
  • ISM Connect (Head of Marketing)

They will give a glimpse into the minds of technology leaders as they consider what’s possible with connected kiosks, and the ways in which well-executed products and services contribute to the objective of making cities smarter.



This whitepaper was produced by LG-MRI.


BoldVu® Smart Point by LG-MRI


LG-MRI is known for high-performance, outdoor LCD solutions used by many of the world’s most successful DOOH media companies. The BoldVu® Smart Point is an evolution of the BoldVu® display technology to extend a city’s digital infrastructure to the network edge, empowering connectivity and the IoT. As an intelligent and connected endpoint, already proven in 150 cities globally, BoldVu® Smart Point is an IoT platform that cities can begin leveraging today.


BoldVu® Smart Point is an Intel® Market Ready Solution, using Intel® processors and technologies as the backbone of the compute infrastructure that powers the intelligence derived and delivered from the Smart Point. Learn more about Market Ready Solutions and the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance by visiting this link.





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