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Learning for life

Sunset Boulevard is a study in how technology can leave you behind if you aren’t ready to reskill and diversify

Change your mindset or get left behind!
Change your mindset or get left behind!

I have the worst head cold, so much so I can’t even hear when I’m reading to myself. My limbs are heavy, inert and boneless. All I’ve been good for is binge TV- gravitating towards history: Civilisations – the pivotal role art has played in the shaping of global humanity; Sunset Boulevard, that Billy Wilder Classic, which you could argue is a study in how technology can leave you behind if you aren’t ready to reskill and diversify. The ageing silent era screen queen, Norma Desmond captured like a mosquito in amber in her crumbling mansion, due to her inability to make the transition into the talkies.


Maybe that’s why, in my flu-fug, I’ve homed in on highlighted stories this week that are all about the need to reskill in the dawn of AI, and future solutions to city problems such as congestion and air quality.


The Accenture study Reworking the Revolution: Are you ready to compete as intelligent technology meets human ingenuity to create the future workforce? finds that while the majority of communications service providers are investing in intelligent technologies, only one in six is planning to significantly increase spending on training programmes which will equip their staff with necessary skills to work with intelligent machines.


Reskilling, being able to adapt is part and parcel of human progress, but with digital technology, the stakes are far, far higher. That’s why it’s imperative that governments and captains of industry need to place digital adaptability, skills and training top of the agenda – for everyone.


It seems to me we need to look at education in a completely different way if we are going to have a workforce faced with AI, VR, machine learning and all manner of other technologies that we probably haven’t even thought about yet.


But more importantly, it’s changing our mindsets to understanding that learning is indeed for life.


Melony Rocque

Launch editor


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