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Semtech technology incorporated in UK’s largest IoT network

SMEs can access the network for free in the hope it will accelerate the development of IoT applications and smart solutions

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Digital Catapult wants to empower London’s “terrific tech community”
Digital Catapult wants to empower London’s “terrific tech community”

Things Connected is being rolled out in London but aims to cover the whole UK in time

Digital Catapult wants the network to help improve quality of life for London's citizens

Semtech Corporation’s LoRa Wireless RF technology is to be used in the new low power, wide area network (LPWAN) as part of London’s Digital Catapult Things Connected programme. It will be the largest Internet of Things (IoT) network in the UK and will consist of 50 Everynet base stations featuring LoRa technology.


The IoT incubator programme aims to provide SMEs with free access to the network to deploy and test applications and smart solutions in areas such as infrastructure provisioning, traffic and transport services, energy management and environmental sensing. It is a collaboration between UK IoT service provider Digital Catapult and British Telecom, Future Cities Catapult, Everynet, Beecham Research, AllThingsTalk, BRE, Imperial College London, Kings College London, UCL, and Queen Mary University of London.


Some of the ideas proposed for the network include using data from sensors that monitor traffic congestion, pedestrian footfall counts and crash impact incidents to develop recommended safe routes as well as using data on temperature, air quality and humidity to help improve quality of life for those with respiratory conditions. Another proposal is to explore the use of drone technology for deliveries in the city. Micro wind speed and turbulence sensors across London could help with the routing and battery optimisation of the drones to increase their viability for delivering items quickly and efficiently.


“Things Connected is starting in London but we want it to cover the UK. To capture more of the digital dividend in the UK economy, we need to accelerate the adoption of the Internet of Things,” said Jeremy Silver, CEO of Digital Catapult.


“We believe a LoRaWAN-based network featuring Semtech’s LoRa Technology will empower London’s terrific tech community to test their IoT innovations so they can begin to improve the quality of life for those living or working across the capital. We aim to roll Things Connected out to help remove the barriers to IoT technology for businesses, and create new revenue opportunities for entrepreneurs and for smaller and larger companies.”


Semtech, Digital Catapult, and Everynet are members of the LoRa Alliance, a group of more than 400 companies committed to driving and enhancing the LoRaWAN specification to ensure interoperability and scalability of LPWANs and IoT applications.


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