Roundtable: Smart cities: Where’s the ROI?

Roundtable: Smart cities: Where’s the ROI?

Successful smart cities must deliver social, economic and environmental benefits, providing a three-dimensional return on investment.


Pioneering cities are showing that once they find the right starting point, one benefit can lead to another, providing the basis for three-dimensional ROI which positively impacts the city’s balance sheet, citizens’ quality of life, the environment and more.


Based on case studies from London, Paris and Guangzhou, this roundtable looks at how cities can put in place the technology infrastructure, leadership and processes to deliver on the three pillars of smart city success.


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Registration is free, however delegate will need to work for city, local or state government. Applications will be approved by an event curator.


Get your questions answered directly in this intimate roundtable format, share insights from your work and make new contacts to speed your city’s transformation.

Roundtable takeaways and discussion points:

  • Insights into the strategy of the cities of Paris and Guangzhou

  • What these cities have achieved so far

  • How to define challenges and map to solutions

  • How to pinpoint a starting place and strategic roadmap

  • How to define and track success and ROI

  • How to overcome organisational and cultural challenges


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Venue: Hotel Porta Fira (opposite SCEWC), Plaza Europa, 45 – 08908 – Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

Venue: Hotel Porta Fira (opposite SCEWC), Plaza Europa, 45 – 08908 – Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

Agenda for the Day:

12.00 – 12.20: Registration, Lunch & Networking

12.20 – 12.30: Welcome, Introductions

12.40 – 12.55: Overview of London, Paris and Guangzhou projects

12.55 – 13.25: General Discussion

13.25 – 13.30: Summary

13.30 onwards: Escort to Smart City Expo World Congress

Introduction and Keynote

Roundtable Discussions

In advance of the roundtable, SmartCitiesWorld's will provide all guests with a spotlight document which details case examples of creating return on investment from cities across the world. Sue Weekes, an editor at SmartCitiesWorld, will then set the scene for the lunchtime roundtable and introduce our guests speakers who will talk through a project in the City of London, alongside examples from Paris, France and City of Guangzhou, China.


We will look at a number of initiatives and discuss the issues, challenges and learning that other cities can take away.


Delegates will have a chance to give their own views and to ask questions throughout this session - making it as interactive as possible!

Guest - Giles Radford

Guest - Giles Radford

Name: Giles Radford

Title: Highway Manager

Company: City of London







Further to his role as Highway Manager at the City of London, Giles has led the introduction of Smart City technologies via the City of London’s street lighting upgrade. In conjunction with the M&E team, Giles’ team have built and sustained effective relationships across the highway and lighting sector to ensure that the City of London can successfully deliver such a project with the associated smart technologies.

Guest - Itai Dadon

Guest - Itai Dadon

Name: Itai Dadon

Title: Smart City and Industrial IoT Executive

Company: Itron







As director of smart cities and IoT, Itai Dadon is responsible for Itron’s go-to-market strategy for smart cities. He has more than 15 years of experience in corporate leadership, new business development and product strategy in the telecom sector.

Guest - Zeynel Acun

Guest - Zeynel Acun

Name: Zeynel Acun

Title: Chief Technology Officer

Company: Evesa








Zeynel Acun is the CTO of EVESA, the company dedicated to maintaining and operating the street and traffic lighting and illuminations of City of Paris.

With 20 years of experience on different urban dynamic equipment, he is now leading the process of convergence and pooling of systems around public lighting to meet the challenges of the sustainable city.

Guest - Amber Wang

Guest - Amber Wang

Name: Amber Wang

Title: Director of global business development

Company: Rongwen Energy







Amber Wang is the director of global business development at Rongwen Energy, which is Itron’s go-to-market partner and one of the largest smart LED streetlight providers and operators in China. Her specialist areas include smart infrastructure and the IOT.




Name: Sue Weekes

Title: News Editor

Company: SmartCitiesWorld