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Thin crust Capricciosa

Pizza and technology have long been cheesy bedfellows. It started as far back as 1974 when rather than a telephone, a computer was used to order a pizza.

 Pizza will never be the same again
Pizza will never be the same again

When there’s everything to talk about, and so much to be concerned about in the global weekly in-box, it’s a blessed relief to immerse oneself in the world of pizza. The go-to sustenance of teens, late night workers and Netflix bingers, pizza has become a technological game changer.


In our highlighted news this week, we report on Domino Pizza and Ford Motor Company coming together to research delivery by autonomous vehicles. On one hand, you’re looking what the experience will be like for the customer who now presumably needs to put slightly more effort into the proceedings by actually going outside to collect the pizza. On the other hand, this research will deepen the understanding of the scope of new business opportunities afforded by autonomous vehicles.


Pizza and technology have long been cheesy bedfellows. It started as far back as 1974 when rather than a telephone, a computer was used to order a pizza. In 1991 researchers at Carnegie Mello created a single armed robot that could make pizzas using ingredients placed in a specially constructed workstation. Less than a decade later a 3D pizza was printed for space agency NASA, and in 2014 Pizza Hut came up with the mind reading pizza menu, that suggested an order to the customer based on eye tracking technology -- whatever ingredients he/she looked at the longest became part of a recommended order.


Domino’s is the undoubted leader of the pack when it comes to pizza tech. It has taken innovation and rolled with it -- with a share price that has out performed all the world’s largest tech companies thus far this decade and you can include the usual suspects in that i.e Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook.


Domino’s uses chatbots, it’s invented its own land-based drone called Dru, it uses real time tracking, you can order via emoji, and it’s become the first fast food outlet to utilise voice command ordering courtesy of Amazon Echo and Google Home. Last autumn, Domino’s took another giant leap for pizza when it used an ariel drone to successful deliver one Peri-Peri Chicken and one Chicken and Cranberry pizza in Whangaparaoa, North of Auckland, New Zealand.


But perhaps the biggest testament to the relationship between pizza and technology can be found at Apple’s new pharonic HQ Apple Park in California. Not content with square, regular Jo pizza boxes for its staff, the tech giant has invented and patented a circular white box, with precision-placed holes and concentric ridges that allow heat and moisture to escape, thus preventing the trauma of soggy pizza if and when staff take pizzas from the 4,000 seat canteen back to their pods.


Pizza will never be the same again.


Melony Rocque

Executive editor



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