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Companies that make cities smarter, by JB's Reports

Firms are working hard to utilise the IoT to make a city smarter through interconnectivity

Companies that make cities smarter, by JB's Reports

A smart city, according to the Centre for Cities, is a vision to integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) and information and communication technology (ICT) with the city’s public establishments. Such public establishments include energy facilities, water supply and waste management plants, transportation systems, schools, law enforcement, and many others. A smart city promotes the use of urban informatics and technology in order to improve the public’s quality of life.

Major technological companies and start-ups are seeking to develop new systems and processes to be used in smart cities. Below are some of the firms that are working hard to utilise the IoT to make cities smarter through inter-connectivity.

Advanced transportation

Entrepreneurs in London is working hard to reduce the congestion and pollution. Currently, there are six start-ups working hard to turn that into reality, namely Alchera Technologies, Blubel, Faxi, NumberEight, Pedals and TravelAi.

Alchera Technologies, NumberEight, and TravelAi are all responsible for gathering data needed to analyse the behaviour and movements of people throughout the city.

Bluebel, Faxi, and Pedals focus on making cycling and ride sharing more popular in a city full of commuters.

Out of all the start-ups, Alchera Technologies is leading the way in utilising the IoT to provide London real-time data for a cleaner and less congested city. The company offers a machine learning platform that provide smart cities in the UK, Europe, and across the world with intelligent infrastructure and advanced transport systems.


The logistics industry could hugely benefit in the near future from technology designed to streamline services. According to Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, they plan to make same-day deliveries across different city states in 30 minutes or less using drones. If successful, Amazon will be the first company to make deliveries via drones in the US.

Google is also doing the same through its drone Project Wing. The drone combines the aviation systems from an airplane and helicopter. Google hopes this design will make them fly faster towards their destination.

Intel has recently joined the fray by developing a new microchip for drones named Myriad X, which provides an advanced facial recognition system to make drone deliveries error-free. With it, people who are controlling the drones will be able to identify clearly who the recipients of the packages are.

Fleet management

Freight and commercial vehicle companies use fleet management for several functions including vehicle maintenance, driver management, and telematics. Effective fleet management allows companies to track and log their vehicles while also minimising the risk of road accidents through over driving.

One of the companies that is making the road safer for businesses is Fleetmatics through its Electronic Logging Device (ELD). The ELD closely monitors the status of vehicle operations and can alert drivers in advance when they are about to commit an Hours of Service (HOS) violation. It also keeps dispatchers and managers up-to-date on their current operations. Fleet management is an important part of a smart city as it increases road safety while also making commercial driving much more efficient and cost effective.

Technology is at the very heart of smart cities. That said, smart cities must constantly upgrade their services as technology develops at a rapid rate. As cities embrace new innovations to streamline their public establishments, we can expect to see more major cities become defined as a smart city.



JB’s Reports is a freelance tech writer. Her main interest is covering the rapid changes happening to our daily lives due to technology. She hopes that global innovation will make our world safer and cleaner.

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