Smart Infrastructure: Improving Healthcare


Prevention is always better than cure. How can data-led collaboration help us to predict and avert medical emergencies?

Smart Infrastructure: Improving Healthcare

SmartCitiesWorld is currently hosting a new white paper from KPMG on how delivering a smarter infrastructure can improve healthcare.


KPMG has been thinking about how to realise the potential of data across the UK’s infrastructure sectors; and they believe that some of the greatest opportunities lie in our health and care systems.

They investigated ways to transform the care of elderly patients by using data analytics, communications links and organisational collaboration to spot the warning signs and prompt interventions by families, communities and health professionals. Smart Infrastructure can help to improve the speed and efficiency of emergency responses.

In this whitepaper, KPMG map out the care and monitoring of an elderly diabetes patient in a near-future world. By bringing together existing data streams and technologies, KPMG can improve patient care and free up capacity within our health system.


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