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Blockchain city to be built in Nevada

To show how the blockchain could change the way we live, it will include a residential community as well as a developers’ campus

Jeffrey Berns presents his vision for the blockchain Innovation Park in Nevada
Jeffrey Berns presents his vision for the blockchain Innovation Park in Nevada

Blockchains LLC is to build a city-size innovation park in Nevada based around blockchain. Announcing plans for the 68,000 acre site, CEO, lawyer and cryptocurrency millionaire, Jeffrey Berns, said the site is “roughly the size of Reno” and described the city as “more of a series of projects” to highlight the power of public blockchain.


As one of the starting points, a 1,000-acre campus will be built that has been dubbed ‘Blockchains’ Graphene Valley’. “It will be a high-tech, high-security park, an R&D facility that will incubate four life-changing technologies together," said Berns. "Those being AI, Nano technology, 3D printing, all using blockchain as their core. Pretty exciting.


“We will incubate concepts dealing with clean water and energy, we will be doing things that have never been done before.”


Berns continued: “Everything that we do will have its infrastructure rooted in blockchain. Now, we also wanted to show how the blockchain could change the way we live, so we are creating a residential community as well. This residential community will have houses, apartments, condos, banks, markets, stores, schools, and we will use blockchain, the public blockchain, wherever possible. We will incubate projects with those entities as we build out that residential community.”


Project partners


The company will also recruit a number of partners to work on projects and the first of these is energy firm, NV Energy, which services 1.4 million customers throughout Nevada. The two sides have signed a memorandum of understanding which outlines their agreement to work together on energy projects powered by blockchain technology. Blockchains and NV Energy’s shared vision will pilot concepts that place the customer in control of energy creation, consumption, storage and transactions.

“It will be a high tech, high security park, an R&D facility that will incubate four life-changing technologies together”

“The goal of this collaboration is to create technology solutions that will produce customer-centric energy platforms powered by public blockchain, all with the intent of integrating approved incubations into Nevada’s energy framework,” said Berns. “These types of collaborative efforts, which return the power and control in transactions to the customer, are the very essence of blockchain technology. This partnership is only the beginning of what we have planned for Innovation Park.”


Other projects on the park include the first “immersive” content creation studio, which aims to give power back to content creators, and an e-gaming arena where reputations will be maintained on the blockchain. Berns believes that e-gaming and e-sports will one day overtake professional sports. This will be followed up by other similar arenas built around the world. “It’s an entire new ecosystem that we will create.” In addition, Berns has bought a bank and aims to make it the most “transparent, blockchain-friendly bank” in the world.


Berns is also creating a new business model: the distributed collaborative entity (DCE), which has assets worth over $300mn and zero debt, and will ultimately be distributed among relevant stakeholder groups who will have onwership and control of blockchains.


According to the New York Times, Blockchains LLC bought the land in Nevada for $170 million in cash this year. Berns, who said he stopped practising law almost three years ago and emphasised that he isn’t a developer and has no idea how to code, concluded his presentation with a ringing endorsement of blockchain technology and its potential to change the world:


"I’m older than most of you in the audience and I come from a profession that many of you think causes more problems than solutions, but I will tell you this. In all of my life, in all of my career as a lawyer, I never saw a technology that I believed in more or one that I thought could really change the balance of power back to us instead of corporations and instead of Wall Street."


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