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Smart Buddy monitor launched

Buddy Ohm aims to help accurately measure the resource consumption of buildings, government facilities and public infrastructure

Buddy's dashboards provide real-time feedback on how actions impact building performance
Buddy's dashboards provide real-time feedback on how actions impact building performance

Buddy Ohm is designed to help smart city projects get started faster

"The global conversation around energy has never been more urgent"

Budd­­­y Platform is launching a simple, complete and low-cost solution for monitoring the consumption of electricity, gas, water, steam and solar power generation, called Buddy Ohm.


Buddy provides highly scalable data aggregation and management infrastructure that helps extract the maximum value from city wide sensor and device data, by connecting systems that were never designed to work together. Its platform is used in smart city initiatives around the globe.


Buddy Ohm aims to help accurately measure the consumption of resources in buildings, government facilities and public infrastructure to give managers, occupants and citizens a clearer view of the financial and environmental cost of these facilities.


It claims to be the first end-to-end system from Buddy Platform designed to help current and future smart city projects get started faster, with the flexibility to integrate a client’s existing and future systems as they come online.


"The global conversation around energy – how we generate it, how we consume it and how we conserve it – has never been more urgent, nor more relevant," said David McLauchlan, CEO at Buddy Platform. "Smart cities represent an amazing opportunity to dramatically change how we consume energy, while improving the quality of life for citizens.


"Improving the efficiency of those underlying systems is the first step for reaching those sustainability goals. I’m particularly excited to grow the Ohm product into a central hub connecting smart city-wide infrastructure with the Buddy Platform."


Buddy Ohm is a full monitoring solution comprised of Internet of Things (IoT) class hardware, secure and scalable data infrastructure, an operations portal, engaging occupant facing dashboards, and on-the-go mobile experiences.


Leveraging the power of the IoT, Buddy Ohm makes it easy and affordable to extract data from city and building systems in real-time, which is then processed by the company’s data infrastructure service, the Buddy Platform. By utilising open hardware and software protocols, customers don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in with Ohm, they will always have full access and control of their resource data.


Hardware, service, maintenance and support are all included in a standard installation for a flat US$1500 a month which Buddy claims is a major cost-saving compared to traditional CAPEX-intensive resource monitoring solutions that often run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. It adds that customer data is already confirming that Ohm pays for itself within the first year as a result of energy savings realised.


"Given the real monetary and environmental benefits of resource monitoring for cities and buildings, these systems should not be reserved for just those with giant budgets," said Habib Heydarian, vice president of product and engineering, Buddy Platform.


"With Buddy Ohm we are truly democratising resource data by utilising IoT class hardware, and leveraging the power of the Buddy Platform. Once operators and occupants have access to this data and the insights it can provide, they can be an active part of the effort to be more efficient."

Buddy Ohm was designed to be flexible, measuring electricity from the grid, gas, steam, solar and water across many applications. But Buddy also sees great potential in using the system to make buildings more efficient. Buildings represent the vast majority of resource consumption in cities, so optimising the way they are used can have a big impact on the carbon footprint.


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