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OnDemand WEBINAR: How Atlanta is pioneering partnerships to fund smart city projects

A pioneering initiative between Georgia Power, the City of Atlanta and a cohort of partners is showing what’s next in smart cities and demonstrating the power of public-private partnerships.


OnDemand WEBINAR: How Atlanta is pioneering partnerships to fund smart city projects

Date Recorded: Thursday 20 February 2020

Length: 60 mins, including Q&A


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With an estimated population of around 498,000 – and growing fast – Atlanta is home to the busiest airport in the world as well as several top Fortune 500 companies and a thriving start-up scene. It is also one of the most economically divided societies in the United States.

Since Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms took over the city’s leadership in January 2018, she has stressed that closing the inequality gap must be at the heart of all initiatives. Her One Atlanta strategy aims to make Atlanta a more equitable city so that all residents have the same access to opportunity. This means that the Smart Atlanta smart city programme, too, is now focused around these very human-centric goals which perhaps don’t commonly fall within the smart city domain.


“We like the challenge of taking things which are not typically deemed technical innovation issues. That makes it exciting and gives us the chance to go out and look for opportunities to show where technology can move the city forward and help us solve these problems.” Tye Hayes, CTO, City of Atlanta.


A key focus from here is secure connectivity and more sophisticated use of data, including real-time data.


Join this webinar to learn:

  • The City of Atlanta’s smart city goals, successes and challenges so far
  • How the City of Atlanta is partnering with Georgia Power to turn streetlighting into connected digital infrastructure to deliver brand new types of real-time data.
  • What has been learned so far from Georgia Power and the City of Atlanta’s pilot of 200 LED streetlights as an IoT sensor platform – and how this is contributing to city goals around mobility, public safety, sustainability and more
  • How Atlanta is using applications such as gunshot detection
  • How the City of Atlanta and Georgia Power are pioneering new ways to fund smart cities and showcasing the shift towards outcome-based approaches

  • How Georgia Power & the City of Atlanta collaborate and what other cities/utilities can learn from this partnership

  • What’s next for the City of Atlanta and Georgia Power

You will also get your questions answered in the live Q&A.


Lillie Madali, Smart City Program Director.png

Lillie Madali

Smart City Program Director

City of Atlanta

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Christine Primmer

Smart Cities Program Manager

Georgia Power

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Denise Pucilowski,

Director of Sales, Smart Cities

Current powered by GE

Sarah Wray, Editor at SmartCitiesWorld Sarah has many years of experience as a B2B journalist and editor, specialising in technological innovation and its impact in cities.

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