Digital Vision for Mobility

Transport and logistics are leading other markets in digital transformation. This 44-page paper explores opportunities and challenges for transport and logistics providers in this rapidly evolving space.  You’ll hear from 20 experts from across the field.


Digital Vision for Mobility

More change is now underway across the transport and logistics industry than at any time since the invention of the combustion engine. Vastly increased computing power and hyper-connectivity are helping to transform the operation and maintenance of vehicles and national infrastructure. New market entrants are devising completely new business models that disrupt personal mobility and global supply chains. There are also major operational challenges, including intense capacity pressures, together with environmental impacts that are greater than in any other sector.

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As well as bold new thinking, collaboration between stakeholders and with digital leaders is essential in co-creating integrated, sustainable mobility infrastructures. Atos has a strong heritage and a major presence today in transport and logistics. Our close involvement over decades in UK rail and with some of the world’s leading logistics specialists is continuing as we work with road, rail and logistics organisations to advance what is possible through digital transformation.


Connected digital technologies have reached a tipping point and the revolution in mobility is accelerating. This paper shares ideas on some of today’s key opportunities and challenges for transport and logistics leaders and influencers.