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Live Your Life Smarter: reinventing public services for a digital age

Huawei’s Digital Tax and customs smart gate solutions provide government with a means of bringing efficient and dynamic services.


This article is in partnership with Huawei.


The digital age has seen the shift of public services online, as governments look to deliver them in a more efficient, dynamic and cost-effective way. Citizens’ embrace of cutting-edge technology has meant a society where they can fill in tax returns online, access healthcare services, find out a variety of government information from a single source and sign documents online rather than with paper and pen.

There are numerous examples of how digital technology is changing how citizens access services. In the United Kingdom, it meant the death of the car tax disc, which used to be displayed in a vehicle’s front window and have now become collectors’ items as tax services shifted online. In Spain, citizens can apply for benefits via the National Public Employment Service’s website, as well as search for jobs, calculate how much social security they could receive or cancel benefits entirely.


In many cases, the innovation that digital services can bring is much needed. World Bank figures for the quality of public administration have stayed largely flat in the 10 years to 2017 (its most recent year measured), scoring an unimpressive 2.9 out of six.


This is a concern, especially given the financial impact of the coronavirus. Tax is just one aspect of public administration but a vital one. The World Bank classifies countries with a tax to GDP ratio of below 15 per cent as financially risky. But many tax departments are hamstrung by overly complex systems, poor infrastructure and poor management.


Huawei’s Digital Tax Solution cuts through the difficulties faced by tax departments by reducing administration costs, guaranteeing availability, improving efficiency and quality of service, widening the tax base and ultimately increasing revenue gained. The product delivers higher bandwidth, lower latencies and more connections thanks to streamlined architecture, accessible devices, agile and open systems, and intelligent Operations and Maintenance software.


The solution promises:

  • More dynamic operations through powerful, simplified and intelligent network connections.
  • Huawei Cloud Stack’s innovative full-stack, secure and reliable hybrid cloud.
  • Intelligent computing and artificial intelligence through Huawei’s Kunpeng, Ascend and x86 processors.
  • Intelligent data storage by bringing together cutting-edge storage, big data, database and artificial intelligence technologies to extract every bit of value from a single byte of data.


How to improve your customs regime

Customs is another area that needs assistance. Again, World Bank figures show that the average efficiency of customs systems has stayed flat during the 2010s, scoring only 4.2 out of seven globally. Only four countries or regions - Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates - score above six and most developing world countries score three or less. Countries are hampered by the inefficiency of processing physical forms, the need for manual inspection, the cost of logistics and of infrastructure. By operating a lax customs regime, countries open themselves to smuggling, increased criminality and financial instability.

Huawei’s customs smart gate system improves and safeguards a country’s customs handling process in several ways. By enabling paperless clearance, customs areas can clear the backlog of cars and lorries that is caused by the need for checking vehicles in person. The system’s greater efficiencies, which include the smoother operation of logistics, can reduce the overall running costs. The smart gate system also enables customs areas to run in a much safer way.


The system comprises a suite of cutting-edge products that is designed with the modern-day customs operation in mind. The intelligent cloud iGate integrated management platform and front-end facilities, comprising centralised monitoring, operate and maintain, can plug into existing customs supervision platforms. There is a data verification process that is carried out in several stages as vehicles pass through a customs gate, ensuring agents are given early warning about any violations. Video surveillance is carried out by Huawei CloudIVS Video Cloud Platform and a suite of artificial intelligence powered cameras.


The global flow of goods is central to the health of our economies and our financial security. However, the impact of coronavirus has affected every aspect of our lives and new and innovative solutions are required to handle goods in a safe yet economically dynamic and efficient way. The customs smart gate system enables the cost-effective import and expert of goods in a frictionless manner.


Building digital public services for the decade ahead


At Huawei, we have been creating an industry leading ecosystem of partners including high tech start-ups, established companies, universities and research institutes. Together, these partners offer the requisite skills and knowledge that means we can produce best in class smart city solutions. Only by fully leveraging this collective intelligence and tapping into the opinions, knowledge and experience of ecosystem partners, will we build smart cities that will deliver value to all of us.


These two solutions only scratch the surface of the smart city services that Huawei offers. More digital transformation opportunities will be further discussed at the fifth HUAWEI CONNECT, scheduled from 23 to 26 September 2020 in Shanghai. Global thought leaders, business elites, tech experts, pioneering enterprises, ecosystem partners, application service providers and developers will share their insights on the industrial landscape at this annual event.
For more information, visit Huawei Connect’s homepage.

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